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Tuesday, October 10th, 2006
8:41 pm
Amazing Juggling Finale

Amazing Juggling Finale
"Amazing Juggling Finale" on Google Video
Chris Bliss performing an amazing juggling routine.
Thursday, April 13th, 2006
10:12 pm
Playboy ranks its 2006 list of top ten party schools!

1. Wisconsin
2. UC Santa Barbara
3. Arizona State
4. Indiana
5. San Diego State
6. Florida State
7. Ohio
8. Georgia
9. Tennessee
10. McGill
Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
7:23 am
Fug That
I hope you are all regular readers of Go Fug Yourself ( http://gofugyourself.typepad.com/go_fug_yourself/ )
because it is always funny and because today they have a picture of the artist Daniel Edwards' "Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston."

In another photo, Pink is wearing a great shirt!

Current Mood: calm
Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
6:53 pm
My Funny Valentine........
bought me an iPod nano with AppleCare! What should I put in it?

Current Mood: grateful
Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
6:45 pm
Stephanie Tanner is a Crankster Gangster!
Oh No! http://www.eonline.com/News/Items/0,1,18274,00.html

"Full House" Star Admits Meth Problem
by Sarah Hall
Feb 1, 2006, 4:00 PM PT

Former Full House cutie Jodie Sweetin has earned herself a spot on the lengthy list of child stars gone wrong.

During an appearance on Good Morning America Wednesday, Sweetin, who played middle sister Stephanie Tanner on the hit sitcom, revealed that she is a recovering meth addict and once battled a daily drug habit.

The ex-actress, 24, said she had trouble figuring out how to adjust to a regular childhood existence after Full House ended its run in 1995.

"There is a certain sense of loss when a series ends," Sweetin said. "It is kind of hard to figure out who you are when you've lost your job at age 13, when that was basically how you identified yourself."

In an attempt to lead a "normal" kid's life, Sweetin attended high school and college, graduating with a degree in liberal arts. In 2002, she married a Los Angeles police officer.

Though she occasionally appeared in bit parts on TV series, including Party of Five and Yes, Dear, Sweetin's acting career essentially stalled after Full House.Two years ago, bored and unemployed, the former child star began experimenting with drugs as a way to pass the time.

She was soon addicted to methamphetamine and using the debilitating drug every day.

Though Sweetin stops short of blaming her addiction on her child star lifestyle, she concedes that her career may have stripped her of some of the benefits of a typical childhood.

"Growing up in the business you have to grow up very fast--you do have a different type of childhood, that has its benefits and it has its drawbacks," Sweetin said Wednesday.

After a particularly bad three-day bender, which reportedly resulted in an intervention staged by her former Full House costars, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, John Stamos and Bob Saget, Sweetin checked herself into Promises rehab facility for six weeks of intensive therapy.

Clean and sober since March of last year, Sweetin now admits she was "living a total double life."

"I was married to a police officer--we are going through a divorce right now--he had no idea," she said.

Since kicking her addiction, Sweetin says she now hopes to get back into acting.

"I want to make movies, TV series, wherever the career takes me," she said. "I really hope this isn't the last people hear of me. In fact, I would like to make this a footnote in my career, not the end."

Current Mood: hopeful
Sunday, January 15th, 2006
10:29 pm
Monday, December 12th, 2005
9:33 pm
Do you ever read Egotastic?

It is so fun!
Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
11:25 am
Bush Sucks
Dear Ms. McColgan:

Thank you for writing to me regarding the President's nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito to serve on the United States Supreme Court. I want to share with you the following statement, which I issued on October 31, 2005:

"I believe this nomination is aimed at appeasing the most right-wing elements of the President's political base, and in so doing the President turns his back on the hopes and dreams, and the rights and freedoms of the majority of the American people.

"Judge Alito may be soft spoken, but if many of his opinions had prevailed, the hard reality of his views would have hurt our families.

"Judge Alito has a record which includes opinions that would have undermined the rights of the American people, especially the rights of women, minorities and families.

"Had the President simply asked Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to finish this term on the Court, he could have avoided a bruising battle and united the country, instead of once again dividing it.

"It is especially ironic, at a time when all of America is honoring Rosa Parks, that the President would send us a nominee whose decisions could jeopardize the principle of equality for all Americans."

Again, thank you for sharing your concerns with me.

Barbara Boxer
United States Senator

Please visit my website at http://boxer.senate.gov

Current Mood: cynical
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
1:54 pm
Kids in the house = fun!
Alex is stoked because now he is dating a model.

Current Mood: touched
Friday, October 21st, 2005
1:34 pm
Thursday, October 20th, 2005
4:31 pm
A great way to waste time.....
Do you kids play with Tetka?  Well, you should.  It's fun to drag a skinny bitch around a computer screen.

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, June 9th, 2005
10:12 am
For those of you smart enough to have me on your freinds list, here is some bitchen news:

Tickets for Ben Folds, Rufus Wainwright, and Ben Lee at Copley Symphony Hall, August 21, will go on sale this Saturday, June 11, at noon.


However, by joining the fan community, as I did, you may be able to purchase tickets now. I don't know how many they have for pre-sale, but it doesn't hurt to try!


Click on the upper right link to join, if you aren't already a member. (haha that's a funny word!)

Good Luck!!!

Current Mood: chipper
Monday, June 6th, 2005
7:17 pm
Byte-Sized Boobs For Lohan
Disney chiefs have taken airbrushing to a new level - and busty teen actress Lindsay Lohan is to blame.

A team of experts have been forced to painstakingly go through every one of her scenes from new movie Herbie: Fully Loaded and dramatically reduce her boob size.

Bosses ordered her assets be slimmed down by two cup sizes over fears Lindsay's character, Maggie Peyton, was too raunchy for a family film, according to IMDB.

Techies were told to pay extra special attention to scenes which showed the sexy star jumping up and down.

Revealing necklines were also raised so as not to get any dads hot under the collar.

The orders came after Disney received several complaints from parents at test screenings.

Clearly bemused by the whole thing, Lindsay said: "I don't know how Renee Zellweger kept swelling and shrinking for Bridget Jones.

"It's no fun. Bring on the computer guys."

The movie is the fourth sequel to the 1968 film The Love Bug, about a wacky Volkswagen Beetle car with a mind of its own.

Last Updated: 13:22 UK, Monday June 06, 2005

Current Mood: in the head
Thursday, May 5th, 2005
8:15 pm
today I bought pirate cookies. I put on my pajamas at five o' clock everyday, unless Magoo and I are bailing to catch a flick. I have entered the rock and roll marathon (26.2 miles) come and cheer me on the morning of June 5th.

Alex typed this.

Current Mood: content
Friday, February 25th, 2005
10:40 am
A botanist had just returned from an expedition to the South Pacific Islands and was dicussing their adventures
with their colleagues back at the university where they taught. "What was the most exciting discovery you found there?", asked a fellow professor. One of them replied, "The people native to
this one island had discovered the most amazing cure for constipation. Using only the leafs of the local palm
trees they concocted a suppository which quickly cured the ailment." Another professor asked, "A palm leaf suppository? Did it really work?"

Replied the botanist, "Sure! With fronds like these, who needs enemas"
Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
3:35 pm
Fred is a Betty
Group Seeks Ban on Cartoon, Cereal, Vitamins

The ongoing campaign against alleged gay icons in animated cartoons continued today as a newly formed conservative group demanded that television stations stop broadcasting “The Flintstones” at once.

Harland Devane, leader of the group Focus on the Flintstones, said at a press conference in Washington, D.C. today that his organization was issuing the demand because, “Quite simply, everything about ‘The Flintstones’ is way too gay.”

The conservative activist distributed a memo itemizing over fifty ways in which the self-styled “modern Stone Age family” series promotes homosexuality, but left little doubt that most of his concerns centered on the relationship between the two main characters, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble.

“Their relationship is more flagrantly homosexual than anything in Oliver Stone's ‘Alexander,’” Mr. Devane said.

He pointed out that Fred and Barney are virtually inseparable, are never seen wearing pants, and live together in the suggestively named town of Bedrock.

Noting that the show’s theme song exhorts viewers to have “a gay old time,” he added that the two men wear hard hats and construction garb while at work, an oblique reference to the construction worker in the classic disco band “The Village People.”

“Do I believe they are gay icons?” Mr. Devane said. “I abba-dabba-do.”

He added that Focus on the Flintstones’ efforts will not stop at banning the cartoon series from TV, telling reporters that the group is also “taking a close look” at Flintstone-related consumer products such as Flintstone vitamins and cereal.

“We are very uncomfortable with Fruity Pebbles,” he said.

Elsewhere, President Bush announced a budget of $2.57 trillion, most of which will go to paying for last month’s inauguration.

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, November 10th, 2004
10:53 pm
Frank Rich: On 'Moral Values,' It's Blue in a Landslide

November 14, 2004

FAREWELL to Swift boats and "Shove it!," to Osama's tape
and Saddam's missing weapons, to "security moms" and
outsourced dads. They've all been sent to history's dustbin
faster than Ralph Nader memorabilia was dumped on eBay. In
their stead stands a single ambiguous phrase coined by an
anonymous exit pollster: "Moral values." By near universal
agreement the morning after, these two words tell the
entire story of the election: it's the culture, stupid.

"It really is Michael Moore versus Mel Gibson," said Newt
Gingrich. To Jon Stewart, Nov. 2 was the red states'
revenge on "Will & Grace." William Safire, speaking on
"Meet the Press," called the Janet Jackson fracas "the
social-political event of the past year." Karl Rove was of
the same mind: "I think it's people who are concerned about
the coarseness of our culture, about what they see on the
television sets, what they see in the movies ..."

And let's not even get started on the two most dreaded
words in American comedy, regardless of your party
affiliation: Whoopi Goldberg.

There's only one problem with the storyline proclaiming
that the country swung to the right on cultural issues in
2004. Like so many other narratives that immediately
calcify into our 24/7 media's conventional wisdom, it is
fiction. Everything about the election results - and about
American culture itself - confirms an inescapable reality:
John Kerry's defeat notwithstanding, it's blue America, not
red, that is inexorably winning the culture war, and by a
landslide. Kerry voters who have been flagellating
themselves since Election Day with a vengeance worthy of
"The Passion of the Christ" should wake up and smell the

The blue ascendancy is nearly as strong among Republicans
as it is among Democrats. Those whose "moral values" are
invested in cultural heroes like the accused loofah
fetishist Bill O'Reilly and the self-gratifying drug
consumer Rush Limbaugh are surely joking when they turn
apoplectic over MTV. William Bennett's name is now as
synonymous with Las Vegas as silicone. The Democrats'
Ashton Kutcher is trumped by the Republicans' Britney
Spears. Excess and vulgarity, as always, enjoy a vast,
bipartisan constituency, and in a democracy no political
party will ever stamp them out.

If anyone is laughing all the way to the bank this election
year, it must be the undisputed king of the red cultural
elite, Rupert Murdoch. Fox News is a rising profit center
within his News Corporation, and each red-state dollar that
it makes can be plowed back into the rest of Fox's very
blue entertainment portfolio. The Murdoch cultural stable
includes recent books like Jenna Jameson's "How to Make
Love Like a Porn Star" and the Vivid Girls' "How to Have a
XXX Sex Life," which have both been synergistically, even
joyously, promoted on Fox News by willing hosts like Rita
Cosby and, needless to say, Mr. O'Reilly. There are "real
fun parts and exciting parts," said Ms. Cosby to Ms.
Jameson on Fox News's "Big Story Weekend," an encounter
broadcast on Saturday at 9 p.m., assuring its maximum
exposure to unsupervised kids.

Almost unnoticed in the final weeks of the campaign was the
record government indecency fine levied against another
prime-time Fox television product, "Married by America."
The $1.2 million bill, a mere bagatelle to Murdoch
stockholders, was more than twice the punishment inflicted
on Viacom for Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction."
According to the F.C.C. complaint, one episode in this
heterosexual marriage-promoting reality show included
scenes in which "partygoers lick whipped cream from
strippers' bodies," and two female strippers "playfully
spank" a man on all fours in his underwear. "Married by
America" is gone now, but Fox remains the go-to network for
Paris Hilton ("The Simple Life") and wife-swapping
("Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy").

None of this has prompted an uprising from the red-state
Fox News loyalists supposedly so preoccupied with "moral
values." They all gladly contribute fungible dollars to Fox
culture by boosting their fair-and-balanced channel's rise
in the ratings. Some of these red staters may want to make
love like porn stars besides. (Not that there's anything
wrong with that.) An ABC News poll two weeks before the
election found that more Republicans than Democrats enjoy
sex "a great deal." The Democrats' new hero, Illinois
Senator-elect Barack Obama, was assured victory once his
original, ostentatiously pious Republican opponent, Jack
Ryan, dropped out of the race rather than defend his taste
for "avant-garde" sex clubs.

The 22 percent of voters who told pollsters that "moral
values" were their top election issue - 79 percent of whom
voted for Bush-Cheney - corresponds almost exactly to the
number of voters (23 percent) who describe themselves as
born-again or evangelical Christians. They are entitled to
their culture, too, and their own entertainment industry.
And their own show-biz scandals. The Los Angeles Times
reported this summer that Paul Crouch, the evangelist who
founded the largest Christian network, Trinity Broadcasting
Network, vehemently denied a former employee's accusation
that the two had had a homosexual encounter - though not
before paying the employee a $425,000 settlement. Not so
incidentally, Trinity joined Gary Bauer and Fox News as
prime movers in "Redeem the Vote," the Christian-rock
alternative to MTV's "Rock the Vote."

But the distance between this hard-core red culture and the
majority blue culture is perhaps best captured by Tom
Coburn, the newly elected Republican senator from Oklahoma,
lately famous for discovering "rampant" lesbianism in that
state's schools. As a congressman in 1997, Mr. Coburn
attacked NBC for encouraging "irresponsible sexual
behavior" and taking "network TV to an all-time low with
full frontal nudity, violence and profanity being shown in
our homes." The broadcast that prompted his outrage on
behalf of "parents and decent-minded individuals
everywhere" was the network's prime-time showing of Steven
Spielberg's "Schindler's List."

It's in the G.O.P.'s interest to pander to this far-right
constituency - votes are votes - but you can be certain
that a party joined at the hip to much of corporate
America, Mr. Murdoch included, will take no action to
curtail the blue culture these voters deplore. As Marshall
Wittman, an independent-minded former associate of both
Ralph Reed and John McCain, wrote before the election, "The
only things the religious conservatives get are largely
symbolic votes on proposals guaranteed to fail, such as the
gay marriage constitutional amendment." That amendment has
never had a prayer of rounding up the two-thirds majority
needed for passage and still doesn't.

Mr. Wittman echoes Thomas Frank, the author of "What's the
Matter With Kansas?," by common consent the year's most
prescient political book. "Values," Mr. Frank writes,
"always take a backseat to the needs of money once the
elections are won." Under this perennial "trick," as he
calls it, Republican politicians promise to stop abortion
and force the culture industry "to clean up its act" -
until the votes are counted. Then they return to their
higher priorities, like cutting capital gains and estate
taxes. Mr. Murdoch and his fellow cultural barons - from
Sumner Redstone, the Bush-endorsing C.E.O. of Viacom, to
Richard Parsons, the Republican C.E.O. of Time Warner, to
Jeffrey Immelt, the Bush-contributing C.E.O. of G.E. (NBC
Universal) - are about to be rewarded not just with more
tax breaks but also with deregulatory goodies increasing
their power to market salacious entertainment. It's they,
not Susan Sarandon and Bruce Springsteen, who actually set
the cultural agenda Gary Bauer and company say they

But it's not only the G.O.P.'s fealty to its financial
backers that is predictive of how little cultural bang the
"values" voters will get for their Bush-Cheney votes. At 78
percent, the nonvalues voters have far more votes than they
do, and both parties will cater to that overwhelming
majority's blue tastes first and last. Their mandate is
clear: The same poll that clocked "moral values" partisans
at 22 percent of the electorate found that nearly three
times as many Americans approve of some form of legal
status for gay couples, whether civil unions (35 percent)
or marriage (27 percent). Do the math and you'll find that
the poll also shows that for all the G.O.P.'s efforts to
court Jews, the total number of Jewish Republican voters in
2004, while up from 2000, was still some 200,000 less than
the number of gay Republican voters.

When Robert Novak writes after the election that "the
anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, socially conservative
agenda is ascendant, and the G.O.P. will not abandon it
anytime soon," you have to wonder what drug he is on. The
abandonment began at the convention. Sam Brownback, the
Kansas senator who champions the religious right, was
locked away in an off-camera rally across town from Madison
Square Garden. Prime time was bestowed upon the three
biggest stars in post-Bush Republican politics: Rudy
Giuliani, John McCain and Arnold Schwarzenegger. All are
supporters of gay rights and opponents of the same-sex
marriage constitutional amendment. Only Mr. McCain calls
himself pro-life, and he's never made abortion a cause.
None of the three support the Bush administration position
on stem-cell research. When the No. 1 "moral values" movie
star, Mel Gibson, condemned the Schwarzenegger-endorsed
California ballot initiative expanding and financing
stem-cell research, the governor and voters crushed him
like a girlie-man. The measure carried by 59 percent, which
is consistent with national polling on the issue.

If the Republican party's next round of leaders are all
cool with blue culture, why should Democrats run after the
red? Received Washington wisdom has it that the only
Democrat who will ever be able to win a national election
must be a cross between Gomer Pyle and Billy Sunday - a
Scripture-quoting Sun Belt exurbanite whose loyalty to
Nascar does not extend to Dale Earnhardt Jr., who was fined
last month for saying a four-letter word on television.

According to this argument, the values voters the Democrats
must pander to are people like Cary and Tara Leslie,
archetypal Ohio evangelical "Bush votes come to life"
apotheosized by The Washington Post right after Election
Day. The Leslies swear by "moral absolutes," support a
constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and mostly watch
Fox News. Mr. Leslie has also watched his income drop from
$55,000 to $35,000 since 2001, forcing himself, his wife
and his three young children into the ranks of what he
calls the "working poor." Maybe by 2008 some Democrat will
figure out how to persuade him that it might be a higher
moral value to worry about the future of his own family
than some gay family he hasn't even met.

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
4:47 pm
man of the year

Current Mood: i detest the religious right
Saturday, September 11th, 2004
9:35 pm
I saw four more bitchen movies this summer. they are napoleon dynamite, maria full of grace, garden state, and vanity fair. I am writing this not drunk. I have one more semester at CSUSM and then I will be a college graduate. I had a zen experience in Peru in June with Carly and Katie. Carly is typing this. And robert is telling me what to say. Um, I will update more often; I promise!

PS: Daryl loves Scuffy.

Current Mood: bouncy
Sunday, December 28th, 2003
1:53 am
great movie
i saw a bitchen movie tonight. it's called "something's gotta give". everyone should see it. it's really funny. then i went to a cocktail party, and now i'm making macaroni and cheese for me and carly. i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas, and thank you for your kind comments. thats it.

Current Mood: drunk
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